“Speck”tacular Kayak Tournaments


April 14, 2007 TBA- weigh location Easy Pawn Cash & Jewelry Baycliff
June 9, 2007 – weigh location Sand dollar Autoplex Galveston Island

The kayak tournament is open guides and amateurs 18 years of age or older. Minors wanting to participate in the tournament must have a release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Any fisherman may participate who does not use a motorized floatation at anytime.

This is a weight tournament measured to the closest ounce.

• Any 2 fish stringer combo of redfish, flounder or speck.
(can be one species). Ό bonus per live fish.
• Optional Team Side Pot: Up to 4 anglers can join a team
side div. Assemble your 2-4man team to weigh in the team's best 4 fish (any species). You may only use fish from the main stringer - no additional fish not weighed in.

Entry and Registration:
•  Main Division: $35 per person
• Optional Team Side Pot: $20 a team-- Up to 4 anglers can join a team side div. Assemble your 2-4man team to weigh in the team's best 4 fish (any species). (ex.-2man pays $10 ea./ 4man pays $5 ea). 100% payback first place team payout only.

• Register via mail: Speck tourney-5128 Arborwood Dr.- League City, TX 77573
• Paypal at our website: www.specktourney.com

Onsite Registration:
• Onsite registration will take place at the mandatory Capt. Meetings on the Thursday before each event at Tops & Towers.

Individual 1st place: AT Paddle, Specktacular Magellan Shirt, Castaway Rod, Guided trip with Hillman’s guide service, Free entry to any (1) Specktacular event of your choice. (this package is worth over $850). 2nd-4th place = cash payouts.

Optional Team Side Pot: Up to 4 anglers can join a team -100% payback to first place team only. Other: Free Prize drawings will be held at the weigh-in.

Angler of the Year award: WILDERNESS SYSTEMS KAYAK (see below)

Angler of the Year Award:
The Angler of the Year award will be presented to the angler who has the most individual weight between the April/June 2007 events. You are not required to fish both events but it would improve your chances in collecting points. 1 ounce equals 1 point for each event.

All fish must be caught by rod & reel with artificial lures only. Scent attractants such as fish bites and spray scents are allowed. Chumming is not legal.

All winners are subject to a polygraph test at the event or at a later date at the request of only the weigh master, tournament directors, or contestants before collecting their prize.

The official launch times for the tournament:

Launch can take place at 5:30am or later.

Fishing Times:
All fish must be caught during the day(s) of the event during allotted times.

Fishing can begin at 6AM regardless of kayaking or wading. All kayaks must display a 360 degree light any time between dark – sunrise.

Weigh in site and times vary depending on tournament date. Saturday weigh-in begins at 3:00pm and end at 4:00p.m. Participants must be present & in line by deadline or they will be disqualified. The weigh-in line closes at 4:00pm sharp!

The weigh-in sites for the tournament dates are:
April 2007: Easy $ Cash Pawn & Jewelry (Baycliff)
June 2007: Sanddollar Autoplex Galveston

Permitted Fishing Locations:
Any person fishing out of the defined boundaries will be disqualified. All shoreline areas within the boundaries are eligible launch sites.

There is no launching from private property. You must launch from any PUBLIC land or boat launch. No private access launch sites. If one can launch all can launch---side of the road, vacant lot, ect. Private deals from land owners will not be allowed & they will be disqualified.

"No fishing behind any weirs or dams in Dickinson, Freeport or any other area in the fishing boundaries will be allowed"

For the Galveston Kayak Tournaments, the defined boundaries are:
• Western Boundary – Texas Highway 332 in Freeport, Tx.
• Eastern Boundary – Texas Highway 124 in High Island, Tx.
• North Boundary – San Jacinto/Trinity River

All kayaks must carry one USGG Approved Type III Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and a whistle. A 360 degree light is required for kayaks launching during the safe light period. (Described in the Fishing Times Section)

For safety purposes, a marine VHF radio and/or cell phone is allowed to be carried throughout the tournament. However their use is only limited to emergencies. This communication equipment may not be used to contact event participants or non-participants during the tournament hours.

Protests made by contestants must be made in writing no later than 30 minutes after the end of the weigh-in period. Written protest must be accompanied by a $200 deposit which will be refunded if the rules committee up holds the protest.

In the event of a tie, the first fish or fishes weighed shall be the winner. Tournament officials have the right to refuse any tournament entry. Any angler not following the previous rules can be disqualified from this or any future event.

• Non-participants are not allowed to fish with participants.
• No drugs or alcohol are allowed during the event hours.
• No sharing or pooling of fish is allowed except in team tournaments.
• All state and federal laws apply.
• All Coast Guard and Texas Parks & Wildlife’s regulations apply.
• The tournament directors may cancel any event for any reason. In the event of hazardous weather, the tournament director may cancel the event. If cancelled, the event will be postponed until the following weekend. If you cannot participate, you will be refunded your entry fee or given a raincheck for another event.
• All events must have sufficient participation or postponements, cancellations or prize adjustments may occur.
• No form of motor can be used to propel or transport any floatation craft.
• There is no meeting on the morning of the tournament.

Contacts for questions:
• Jorge Aguirre- website information/tournament staff
• Sal Bautista- tournament director speckseeker@comcast.net
• Phillip Cambra-tournament director- 832-452-5903
• Benny Landrum-tournament official- benny@coastalkayaker.com

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